Barca crest re-fresh


Here at Stone, we love football, so when one of the biggest clubs in the world release a badge redesign, you can bet we have something to say about it.

Unlike some of the more recent crest designs we have seen (Leeds United/Juventus to name two) this evolution stays faithful to the historical elements of previous iterations with the St Georges cross and Catalan stripes remaining at the top and more space is given to the ‘blaugrana’ (blue and deep red stripes). The ball is now more central within the lower section to symbolise Barcelona’s focus and style of play.

It is nice to see a football crest refresh that keeps it’s clubs heritage rather than just trying to become a modern brand. We really like how each element appears simpler and cleaner but yet still evokes a sense of the clubs history. It is certainly a crest for a more modern Barca with digital media a real focus point of any business trying to push its brand on a global level and sits really well with their new bespoke typography.

Overall we think is a great step forward without forgetting the past.



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