Czech him out

Paul has just come back from a few days in the Czech Republic, it’s a fascinating country for so many reasons. Digging deeper into it’s Design history, I came across the work of Ladislav Sutnar (9 November 1897 – 13 November 1976).
Borrowing from the principles of De Stijl, Sutnar’s work had a reduction to primary colors, straight lines, and an overall harmony of irregular text alignment. His strong use of diagonal elements, typography and imagery more strongly conveys his design style to be classified as Constructivism. Space is divided into white and black areas and consist of elements with symbolism. Similar to Jan Tschichold‘s work and modern typography, his style was limited to type and color within strict layouts. More strongly, his work connected with the Bauhaus fundamentals. His work is simple but suggests motion with vivid colors and directional patterns.


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