Footie designs

Hi all, fresh from the excitement of the final games of the premier league season yesterday. Such an exciting season, my team Arsenal have had their ups and downs but managed to squeeze into 3rd place. As a season ticket holder of the Arsenal since they moved to the new ground at the Emirates Stadium, I have seen the ground change quite drastically over the last few years, you may think that sounds odd as it was a brand new stadium. But the club have been creating a process called Arsenalisation.

This has meant creating a feeling of Arsenal heritage and tradition around the ground. It has included giant images of players from from the past and present, graphics detailing players and fans stories, statues of legends alive and dead. This process continues to grow and last year they renamed the four quadrants of the ground the same as the four terraces at the old ground Highbury. The North Bank, East stand, west stand and the Clock End. They even re hang the famous clock from Highbury at the clock end.

Picture 3 mural1 Soccer - FA Cup - Fifth Round - Arsenal v Manchester United - Highbury

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