A movie that paints a picture

Before Toy Story’s release in 1995 animated movies were unheard of and definitely not seen on the silver screen. Now its seems every other movie is fully animated which is amazing and the technology used is always developing and changing. Loving Vincent is an animated movie with a huge difference, each frame of the film has been hand painted!.. Yes hand painted, backgrounds, actors, props the lot in the style of Vincent Van Gogh himself.


Its taken 6 years, 65,000 individual painting and 125 artist from around the world to bring directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welshman’s project to life. Initially the film was going to be animated using CGI but having seem a few test shots the directors decided that this did not have the same feel as a Van Gogh painting so decided to take the bold move and go down the path of a hand paint film – the first of its kind.


Many of Van Gogh famous works have been incorporated into the film as settings for scenes or characters in the story. Actors were filmed on a green screen then these sequences were sent to the artists to replicated on canvas.


Regardless of the narrative of this film I think visually it will be stunning and for many art lovers it will be a joy to see many of Van Gogh’s painting come alive in this one of kind masterpiece.








Images © of lovingvincent.com


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