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We are big fans of Olly Moss here at Stone, his use of negative space, rough hand made style and optical illusions is playful, simple, fun and sometimes not immediately obvious which makes for a great OH WOW moment when you do see it. I could fill this blog every week with a different piece of his work… I love him that much! OK that’s enough of the man crush!


These Harry Potter book covers optimise everything we like about his work. They’re beautifully designed and clever all at the same time. The way he manages to capture the focal points and feeling of the stories in one image is brilliant. For example The prisoner of Azkaban has a silhouetted Azkaban prison against a large full moon creepy and mysterious capturing the mood of the characters as they feel increasingly unsafe with an escaped prisoner on the loose. But look closer and you will see that Azkaban also doubles up as a wolfs head howling against that full moon and what happens in the book?… (spoiler alert) That’s right we discover that one of the professors is a werewolf! A great way to visualise two story lines from the pages themselves.


Reading up about the covers that were designed for Pottermore it was clear that Olly really enjoyed creating them saying that he could not believe he was designing for the books he used to read as an 11 year old. That for me is one of the reasons they are so good. You can be as technically gifted and creative as you want but if you have that little bit extra like knowing those stories inside out it can make your design so much more.









Images © of ollymoss.com

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