Poulson Creative

September 10, 2018

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The Brief:

Initially we were approached by Stuart Poulson to help promote his motorbike dealership business by creating promotional videos to be used on social media and on Poulson Creative’s website. He wanted the them to capture the cool and custom feel of the shop and in particular the motorbike sector.

Following the success of the video he asked us to look at his branding, which was a big move being that the company was only a year old. The feeling he has was that the initial logo now looked out of date compared to the video/promotional material we had produced.



The Solution:

We created a list of questions to ask Stuart and filmed his responses. By understanding what was important to him and his business we were able to get across the key points in the short videos using only graphics to ‘shout’ out his USPs. The interview piece give a real flavour of what Poulson Creative is all about. As well as the filming, we wrote the questions, produced graphics, selected music and edited all three videos.

To create new branding we set up a branding workshop. This phase two of the project turned into clothing as well as the new logo. The logo encapsulates the look and feel Stuart is trying to get across and appeals to the motorcycle community.



“The guys at Stone Creative frankly did an awesome job, they arranged a day to suit me, took time to consult me on the most important parts of my business and what needs to stand out. Everything from camera shots, to the type of text used when editing was carefully thought out, after just a short time filming and speaking to me they created a very premium short film that I am proud to share and shout about – displaying my business in the best possible light. Paul and Eamonn both gave everything a personal touch. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to stand out from the crowd, and give your brand the right look!”


Stuart Poulson, Owner, Poulson Creative