Sébastien’s Silhouettes

If your looking for Star Wars themed artwork on the internet there is no short supply of great work but in his breathtaking series Le Cosmos de Star Wars, Parisian freelance photographer and graphic designer Sébastien Del Grosso uses a unique technique to create his by taking photographs of backlit Star Wars toys to create dramatic silhouettes.


He then adds drawings and illustrations to complete each artwork, creating a collection of images that pay homage to the old Republic.

You can expect to see all of your old favourites, from Yoda and Darth to some of the latest droids – all looking as though they’re the real deal. But he doesn’t stop there. Browse his portfolio on Behance and you’ll discover tributes to some of the world’s best loved superheroes which ticks big boxes with us being the superhero nerds that we are.














Images © of Sébastien Del Grosso

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