Stanley Chow FC

If you have been around the design block chances are you have come across Manchester based illustrator Stanley Chow. His simple yet lifelike portraits of celebrities have won him admiration around the world as well as here in the studio.


His unique and recognisable style make him a firm favourite with us here at Stone and his back catalogue of work displayed on his website is beautiful, comprehensive and a great way to waste your lunch hour, sifting through all it trying to get your head around how he does what he does.


Football is also a Stone favourite – as you can see with our own football related project TurnStyle FC – so imagine our joy when we discover that Stanley Chow has also indulged his love of football or more to the point his love of football kits with a dedicated site to show case his take on current and classic football kit designs


Not only are the designs wonderful to look at but the way the user interacts with the site is as well. As you stroll down the site the previous design is wiped away by the next with the figure of the player never moving, just the kit and features of the individual that wore it changing. It is a lovely body of work to flick through which gives you a nostalgic feeling when you come across THAT kit from THAT year worn by THAT player. It is also worth checking back on the site every month or so as this is an ongoing project of Mr Chow’s and will be continually added to. You can even submit your own kit design suggestion to him via Facebook or Twitter if your favourite does not feature.


All in all stunning illustrations and a super slick website to showcase them all, nice one Stanley.
















Images © of Stanley Chow

To find out more from Stanley Chow click here

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