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For 26 years Sky Sports has been the pinnacle of sports broadcasting, beginning with only four channels. Today they introduce a new system of nine channels that clearly defines what each channels offers (i.e. Sky Sports 4 is now Sky Sports Golf…. Shock!). Along with the new channels, Sky Sports has also had a new identity designed by in house Sky Creative and new London based agency Nomad.



The old logo you could kind of imagined with your eyes shut because it sat within the Sky brand along with Sky’s other channels. The new logo retains the same structure as before with the most notable change being the move from uppercase to lower case. The new design of the “sports” word mark feels more like a sub brand of Sky as it matches its lowercase style but with the more slender typography which gives the logo a better balance and hierarchy.





The new identity also gives an individual look and feel to each of the channels with a bespoke typeface created in collaboration with Swiss Typefaces assigned to each of the new channels.




















Overall not a lot has changed from the feel of Sky Sports, but why would it? Its a successful brand that has worked for the past 26 years. The new identity does feel more modern and in my option is very on trend for these kind of things with the hero images and way the typography is used in conjunction with it being seen throughout the design world currently. Being a viewer of Sky Sports the impact of this is new identity is more subtle than full on in your face, I think the have done what was needed to freshen up the brand and avoid the possibility of feeling dated within the next year or so.

Stone sources say: Job well done by Sky Creative and Nomad.


Images © of Nomad.

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