To CBBC or not to CBBC that is the question

It seems today a new logo can not be released without being torn to shreds on social media — “confusing” and “like Pac Man on acid” just some of the comments — but are people too quick to make a judgement, and do they really look into what a logo can do and does? We took a look at the new CBBC logo in the studio which has taken a bit of a social media beating recently… Here’s what we think.


As a static logo its a tough one, the CBBC is quite hard to read and just looks like a stand alone C, with the different shapes looking a bit thrown together. However this is where the criticism ends. It has the usage of what any modern logo should, where it can be used, broken apart and adapted a number of ways across different areas of the brand. Just like the Channel 4 and Channel 5 logos do. The usability of this design gets even better when animated and used in the TV idents, this is where it hits its stride and comes to life and we think its great. The fun and vibrancy of the shapes and colours will help relate to its target audience and help it to become recognisable to them as well. Does it work as a stand alone logo? We’re not sure, but as a piece of branding we think it ticks all the right boxes and stands up alongside its other modern competition.


Design is subjective and always will divide opinion. Some will love it some will loath it but I think sometimes with a first impression you are just scratching the surface of what is a more complex and considered design. Our opinion in the studio has definitely been changed once we discovered more about the new CBBC logo. So as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover and certainly don’t judge a logo by its “like Pac Man on acid” first impression.





Images © of BBC

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